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Pearl-bordered Fritillary Sites around Loch Tummel requiring surveys in 2010

The Loch Tummel Pearl-bordered Fritillary network is a group of Pearl-bordered Fritillary sites (termed compartments) which are linked together by pylon lines/wayleaves. The network which is shown in the map below extends 18km from Easter Bohespic in the west to the Pass of Killiekrankie in the east. The compartments along the north side of Loch Tummel are associated with and constrained by Forestry Commission plantations and it is likely that Pearl-bordered Fritillary colonies would have become extinct at some of these sites if there were no pylons/wayleaves through these plantations. It is also likely that these steep south-facing hillsides stretching 13km along the north side of Loch Tummel comprised a very large Pearl-bordered Fritillary site prior to coniferisation.

The Loch Tummel Pearl-bordered Fritillary network has been divided into three separate sections: Tummel Bridge comprised of 11 compartments; Allean Forest comprised of 9 compartments; and River Tummel comprised of 11 compartments. If you click on the section names on the map below, you will see more detailed maps and be able to download Word versions of these maps which you can print out.

The survey work to produce these maps was done at the beginning of April 2008 before Pearl-bordered Fritillary were on the wing: the purpose of the work was to map out the site compartments and assess the habitat condition. The conclusion of the habitat condition assessment was that many of the site compartments, particularly in the Tummel Bridge section, were adversely affected by thick bracken litter which is likely to be restricting the area of dog violet. These assessments need to be confirmed with adult counts and habitat assessments made during the flight period during May 2010 when Dog Violet is more conspicuous and in flower. There is two to three days of survey work to visit all 31 compartments, so there is work for several volunteers to get involved in surveying the Pearl-bordered Fritillary network. Tom Prescott is co-ordinating the survey work so contact Tom Prescott if you wish to get involved:

You can see more detailed information about the site compartments in each section by reading the report of the survey work done in April 2008 and viewing a Powerpoint presentation (Warning: very large file!) of the work showing many photos of the different compartments.

Click here to download a habitat recording sheet for Pearl-bordered Fritillary.

And please remember to record any other butterflies that you come across.

The ideal way of recording Pearl-bordered Fritillary numbers and distribution is with a GPS device. There are some relatively inexpensive models available eg Garmin eTrex Venture is 136.10 from Amazon.co.uk and can store the positions of up to 500 butterflies with Waymarks. Data is then downloaded onto a computer using software provided with the GPS device. If you want to learn how to use GPS to record butterflies and learn about the Chequered Skipper, then please come along to the Chequered Skipper weekend at Glasdrum on 29 & 30 May 2010. There are a few GPS devices owned by the branch that can be lended out to branch members after the Chequered Skipper weekend. Please if you would like to borrow one.

Taking photographs of sites with a digital camera is a great way of providing information on the state of a site. A photograph must be linked to a grid reference, site and date, so please record these data in a long descriptive file name and

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