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Butterfly Sightings 2010


Butterfly Conservation is teaming up with Marks and Spencer to launch the biggest ever public butterfly and moth count to date. You can join in and help us track butterflies and moths, so we know where they need our help the most. Find a sunny spot in your garden, local park or other open space and spend 15 minutes counting butterflies and moths. For more information, to download an ID chart and submit your sightings please visit the big butterfly count website.

2 0 10 Last update: August 2010
Species Earliest Latest
Chequered Skipper 20 May
Glasdrum, Argyll NN001455
Trevor & Yvonne Sawers
Large Skipper 9 June
SWT Carsegowan Moss NX422592
Chris Baines
Small Skipper

Dingy Skipper 21 May
Garheugh Rocks, Luce Bay, Dumfries & Galloway. NX 26505049
Jim Black
Clouded Yellow

Large White 8 May
Gailes Marsh, Irvine. NS326357
Owen Figgis & Chris Lamb
Small White 14 April
Kilchattan, Isle of Colonsay, NR370953
Alan Davis
Green-veined White 11 April
Whitehill Community Woodland, Skares, Ayrshire, NS53071825 & Enterkinefoot, Dumfries & Galloway, NS86180373.
Jim Black
Orange-tip 10 April
Kircudbright, Dumfries & Galloway. NX705515
Jeanne Blantern
Green Hairstreak 22 April
Newton Point, Lochranza, Isle of Arran. NR932515
Colin Norman
Purple Hairstreak 9 July
Garscadden Wood, Glasgow. NS526721
Chris McInerney
Small Copper 21 April
Glenstockdale, Stranraer, Dumfries & Galloway. NX0061
Valerie Harrieson
Small Blue    
Northern Brown Argus 18 May
Pinbain Burn, Ayrshire. NX138914.
Jim Black
Common Blue 31 May
Pinbain Burn, Ayrshire, NX138914 & Bennane Head, Ayrshire. NX091864
Scott Shanks
Holly Blue 14 May
Cardoness Esate, D&G - NX557527
Cardoness estate office
29th August
Cardoness, D&G- NX557527
Owen Figgis
Red Admiral 9 February
Loch Katrine. NN476085
Jane Jones
Painted Lady 13 April
Bridge of Weir, Renfrewshire. NS382653.
Ronald Orr & Elizabeth Conacher

Small Tortoiseshell 12 March
Rankinston, Ayrshire NS444142
John Candlish
Peacock 7 March
Kilmacolm, Renfrewshire NS359698
Ruth Hobbs
Comma 11 April
Baron's Haugh, Motherwell. NS7555.
Louise Collins
Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary 16 May
Flanders Moss, Stirlingshire. NS6598
Scott Shanks & Nick Cooke
Pearl-bordered Fritillary 17 May
Mabie Forest. NX9470, NX9370,NX9270
Jim Black
Dark Green Fritillary 2 June
Glenapp, Dumfries & Galloway NX06087397
Jim Black
Marsh Fritillary 22 May
Carrick Point, Bute. NS040592
Glyn Collis
Speckled Wood 7 May
Imachar Wood, Arran. NR866402
Richard & Barbara Mearns.
Wall 18 May

Glenapp, Ayrshire. NX05947388 & Pinbain Burn NX138914.
Jim Black
Mountain Ringlet 5 June
Glasdrum NNR.
Ken Allaway
Scotch Argus 22 July
Glasdrum, Argyll NN001455
John Halliday
Grayling 20 June
Dunrod Point, Brighouse Bay NX627445
Owen Figgis
Meadow Brown 15 June
Carsegowan Moss NX422592
Chris Baines
Ringlet 16 June
Bellsbank Plantation, Ayrshire NS4803.
John Candlish
Small Heath 8 May
Rankinston, Ayrshire. NS443142.
John Candlish

Large Heath 9 June
SWT Carsegowan Moss NX422592
Chris Baines
Camberwell Beauty



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Common Blue
Common Blue
Polyommatus icarus
Photograph: Neil Gregory
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