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Butterfly Conservation- Glasgow & South West Scotland Branch

Butterfly Sightings 2007

Small Tortoiseshell
Aglais urticae
Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary
Photograph: Bob Dawson, Taken in Fallin, 2nd February 2007

2 0 0 7 Last update: February 2007
Species Earliest Latest
Chequered Skipper 30th April
John Halliday
Large Skipper 28th May
Pinbain Burn
Roy Henderson
Small Skipper 29th July
Dormont near Lochmaben, Dumfries and Galloway
Owen Figgis
Dingy Skipper 28th April
Pinbain Burn
Roy Henderson
Clouded Yellow

Large White 27th April
Brucehill Cliff Grasslands
Keith Futter
Small White 5th April
Knockentiber-Springside disused railway line
Fraser Simpson
Green-veined White 7th April
Changue near Barr
Fraser Simpson
Orange-tip 7th April
P Turner
Green Hairstreak 14th April
Clyde Muirsheil Country Park Visitors Centre
Neil and Corinna Gregory
Purple Hairstreak 18th July
Christie Park Wood, Alexandria
Douglas Graham
Small Copper 26th April
Pinbain Burn
Angus Hogg
Small Blue    
Northern Brown Argus 28th May
Pinbain Burn
Roy Henderson
Common Blue 14th May
Port Ling (NX8853)
Anna White
Holly Blue 26th April
Dumfries and Galloway Environmental Resources Centre
Mark Pollitt
Red Admiral 6th January
Anniesland, Glasgow
Brian Skillen
Painted Lady 13th April
Angus Hogg
Small Tortoiseshell 2nd February
Bob Dawson
Peacock 24th January
Salsbugh Moss, near Shotts (NS833624)
Jim Harris
Comma 7th March
Mugdock Country Park
Steve McQueen
Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary 30th May
Loch Katrine (NN480 100)
Paul Kirkland and H Robinson
Pearl-bordered Fritillary 29th April
Mabie Forest, Dumfries NX938706
Jim Black
Dark Green Fritillary 11th June
Roy Henderson
Marsh Fritillary 15th May
John Halliday
Speckled Wood 1st May
Loch Creran, NM978447
Jim Black
Wall 27th April
Finnarts Point
Angus Hogg
Mountain Ringlet

Scotch Argus 28th July
Glen Trool (NX4180 and 4280)
Scott Shanks
Grayling 23rd June
Pinbain Burn
Jim Black
Meadow Brown 18th June
Gailes Marsh SWT NS 325357
Jim Black
Ringlet 11th June
Roy Henderson
Small Heath 3rd May
NX 873531 between Rockcliffe and Sandyhills
Jim Black
Large Heath 9th June
Connel (NM9135)
Roy Henderson
Camberwell Beauty


Pearl-bordered Fritillary
Boloria euphrosyne
bordered Fritillary
Photograph: Neil Gregory


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Common Blue
Common Blue
Polyommatus icarus
Photograph: Neil Gregory
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