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UK BAP Priority Butterfly Species in Scotland

UK BIODIVERSITY ACTION PLAN (UKBAP) is the UK governments response to the Convention of Biodiversity which was signed by 159 countries at the Earth Summit at Rio de Janeiro in 1993. This convention was the first treaty to provide a legal framework for biodiversity conservation and called for the creation and enforcement of national strategies and action plans to conserve, protect and enhance biological diversity.

THE UKBAP was launched in 1994 and comprised 382 species action plans (plants & animals), habitat action plans and local action plans. Eleven species of butterfly and 53 species of moth were identified for priority conservation action and in some cases dramatic reversals of population decline have been achieved since then: Large Blue and the Silver Spotted Skipper being two such examples. However, other UK BAP species are still in decline and in 2007, the UK BAP was reviewed increasing the total number of priority species to 1149 and priority habitats to 65. The Table below lists the UK BAP butterfly species designated back in 1994 and which occur in Scotland and those species added in 2007 which occur in Scotland.

UK BAP Butterfly species which occur in Scotland

Designated in 1994

Designated in 2007

Chequered Skipper

Dingy Skipper

Pearl-bordered Fritillary


Marsh Fritillary

Large Heath

Northern Brown Argus

Small Heath

Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary


Mountain Ringlet

Small Blue

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