Blue Moth

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Blue Moth

Postby ron » Wed Feb 17, 2016 7:08 pm

Hi All,
On April 2014 i reported that i found a blue moth which i said was sky blue, Iain asked if it had any markings to which i said no, and to be fair maybe it was my eyes and the way the sun shone but indeed it has ( Phyllono`s are similar in that even with a magnifying glass i can`t make out the pattern, i need to take a good close up and magnify on the computer ).
This photo belongs to Nickgash of UK Micromoths it is in his album ( DSCN 1335 ) and i`m not to good with e-mails to that site and have not asked permission but i don`t think he will mind. To date i don`t think it has been named.

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