Thoughts on DIY moth trap design?

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Thoughts on DIY moth trap design?

Postby ScottD » Sun Jan 25, 2015 11:16 am

Hi folks,
As mentioned on the other thread I am looking at some DIY moth traps & rather than reinvent the wheel thought that I would throw out a few questions in case somebody has tried all the options before.

So, when I asked around our VC moth recorders about the branch buying a couple of new traps there was a definite preference for bucket traps rather than Heaths even though they were lower powered (6W v 15W). Not sure exactly why - possibly the convenience factor of everything fitting inside for transport when trapping in the field?
So my starting point is to rip-off the basics of the bucket trap design. Am intending to use an ES bulb holder though so that I can run either actinic CFL bulb (have bought both 13W & 20W) or MV. The CFLs I can run off battery for a night via an inverter - the MV not! ;) & with CFLs they will run off mains/generator with no further electrics.
If we get the design right & buy off the shelf parts these can be made pretty easily & cheaply (probably not as cheap as the master Ron's though).

The standard bucket trap is a white bucket & lid with white vanes (whereas all Robinsons & most Heaths that I have seen have a black collecting tub). Not sure if this is by design or as a result of what was easily available to source as parts.
So, I would be interested on your thoughts re:
light/dark tub?
White lid or dark lid? & to go with that a translucent or opaque funnel?
Position of bulb over funnel - low or high?
No vanes, white vanes or transparent vanes?
Anything else?
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Re: Thoughts on DIY moth trap design?

Postby ron » Sun Jan 25, 2015 4:22 pm

Hi Scott,
I take it you are unable to make a new subject in the index board,
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Re: Thoughts on DIY moth trap design?

Postby ScottD » Sun Jan 25, 2015 8:46 pm

Hi Ron,

Thanks for kicking the discussion off.
No, I don't have the permissions to be able to create new sections of the forum & Scott Shanks (who should) is rather busy these days & not the easiest to get a hold of.

I agree that you should set out criteria/uses before starting design. I am possibly a bit unusual in that 1 of my design criteria is that they should be stackable - I seem to end up with a lot of the branch equipment & I'm running (actually have run) out of storage space!
Given that we have added 4 new or rejuvenated battery (hence mobile) traps over the Winter I'm concentrating more on a trap that people could just borrow & run easily in their garden (but that is also flexible enough to be run in the field if required) hence the choice of an ES bulb holder to easily allow an actinic CFL or even MV use (pretty sure that I can just put a plug/socket in between the bulb holder & ballast rather than hard-wired). It also saves the additional cost of batteries & chargers.

How did you make a moth trap for £8 given the cost of bulbs (I'm assuming not just using a standard light bulb)?

Can you remember why it was agreed that it was best to have a white interior?

Unfortunately I don't know of any buckets available with a clear lid. A bucket isn't the only possible option but they do have the advantage of giving height in a small footprint - I've noticed that my midi Robinson seems to have an issue with more moths flying back out than the large ones & my gut feel is that it is the height rather than diameter that is the issue. That's one of the things that I can potentially test for though.
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