Dumbartonshire sightings

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Dumbartonshire sightings

Postby scottshanks01 » Mon Jul 18, 2011 11:57 pm

Hi all,
Lovely and sunny in Glasgow Today, so I decided to chance a walk in the Campsie hills, up Fin Glen from Clachan of Campsie.

I managed to leave my waterproof jacket at home, but luckily the weather stayed relatively good with only a few spots of rain and a fair amount of sunshine.

From the carpark at Clachan of Campsie I headed west up Knowehead Rd towards Knowehead farm, then followed the landrover track above the Finglen burn until it ran out, then carried on following the burn across the grassland and wet flushes (full of marsh thistle, buttercups, bog asphodel, ragged robin and cuckooflower- loads still in flower up in the hills), on to the north cliffs of the Campsies at Allanrowie (~14 km round trip not counting the climbing up and down slopes and jumping burns!). NS610795 to ~NS587845.

Just before Knowhead farm there was a fantastic slope awash with harebells, bird's-foot trefoil, hawkweeds, clovers, vetches, meadowsweet, yarrow. It was covered in Meadow Browns, Ringlets, with a couple of male Common Blues, a Green-Veined White and the only small copper that I saw during the day. Meadow Browns, Common Blues and Small Tortoiseshells were only seen in the first few 1m squares near Campsie villiage, but Ringlets, Small Heath and Green-veined Whites were present all along the walk in good numbers.

The exciting find of the day was Small Pearl-bordered Fritillaries in 4 different 1km squares. Only ones and twos, but a few looked very fresh. This is a new location for SPBF, which makes all the trudging worth while!:D

There were also a couple of nice moths too. Burnished Brass, Green Carpets, Chimney Sweepers, lots of drinkers (adults and cocoons), Silver Ys, a couple of middle-barred minors feeding on thistles. There was also a wee hovering moth (chunky, but smaller than a silver Y) that tried to land on my head, then took off before I could get a decent look.
Total butterfly count during the walk was 352, but I'd stopped recording every Ringlet after 10+ at each grid reference taken.
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Re: Dumbartonshire sightings

Postby AlistairMurdoch » Tue Jul 19, 2011 4:57 pm

Hi Scott,

a great trip and some new SPBF records. I notice that you mention Cuckoo Flower still in bloom and I have noted this myself at various places usually long past by this time.

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