Northern Brown Argus

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Northern Brown Argus

Postby jimblack » Wed Jul 01, 2015 5:01 pm

Today, 01.07.15, took a trip down the Ayrshire coast. Just north of Ballantrae,from Bennane Lea to Bennane Head, along the old A77, sightings included 7 Northern Brown Argus, 20+ Common Blues, including a mating pair, 4 Large Skippers, 1 Painted Lady, 2 Ringlets, 2 Small Heaths and GOK how many Silver Y moths. Weather was cloudy, 24*C with a fresh south wind.
Pinbain Quarry had NBA, Large Skipper and Large White.
Glenapp, NX07237456, had 1 DGF, a few Meadow Browns and Ringlets
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