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Butterfly Records

We welcome all records of butterflies from South West Scotland. Recent records are particularly useful, but older records may help fill gaps in our data, and will be gratefully received. Every record counts, and even the more common species can be valuable indicators of changes in the environment. Older records are also very useful when assessing changes in butterfly distribution and abundance.

It would be a great timesaver if you could submit butterfly records by completing the following form with as much info as possible. Click Butterfly Casual Record Sheet to download the spreadsheet.

If possible, please include information about:

  • the species
  • numbers seen
  • stage (eg adult, egg, caterpillar, pupa)
  • description of site or locality, if possible using Ordnance Survey map reference
  • description of habitat type
  • date
  • your name, email and postal address.

However, records will be accepted in any format. You can download various South West Scotland recording forms here.

BNM Casual Record Sheet SW Scotland
Click a link below - you will be prompted for a location where you wish to save the file.
Microsoft Excel format (XLS) 56KB
Adobe Acrobat format (PDF) 69KB
Microsoft Word format (DOC) 130KB
  If you download the Adobe Acrobat® PDF file then you must have the Adobe Acrobat® Reader program in order to view\print the document. If you do not have this program it is freely available at www.adobe.com/acrobat
  Get the Adobe Acrobat reader

Please send your records to the local County Butterfly Recorders:

VC 72, 73 and 74 >> Dumfries-shire, Kirkcudbrightshire and Wigtownshire
Scott Shanks
Flat 1/2
113 Haugh Rd
G3 8TX
Tel: O7793052501

VC75 >> Ayrshire
Failed to load address Failed to load email

VC76 >> Inverclyde and Renfrewshire
Marianne Ward

VC77 >> Lanarkshire (including Glasgow)
"Tam Stewart

VC86- VC102 >> Stirlingshire, Arygyll (main), Dumbartonshire, Clyde Isles, Kintyre, South Ebudes (Islay, Jura, Colonsay)
Scott Shanks
Flat 1/2
113 Haugh Rd
G3 8TX
Tel: O7793052501

VC103 >> Mid Ebudes (Mull, Coll & Tiree)
Alan Skeates
Isle of Mull
PA65 6AY

History of Butterfly Recording in SW Scotland

Members of the branch have been recording butterflies since it was formed in 1985. The data is mainly stored in a Levana database, and records are passed onto the national Butterflies for the New Millennium scheme organised by Butterfly Conservation.

The Millennium Atlas of Butterflies in Britain and Ireland published in 2001 used data for the period 1995-1999. Since then butterfly records from South West Scotland have contributed to 2 enormous data-sets each containing five-years worth of records. These records can be used to assess changes and trends in butterfly species distribution and abundance.

The branch butterfly atlas, Butterflies of South West Scotland was published in late 2005 with updated distribution maps for 32 species. These included 33,874 records for the 1995-1999 period and 22,570 records for the 2000-2004 period.

During the last five-year survey period (2005-2009) recorders in South West Scotland contributed over 40,000 records of 35 butterfly species. This adds up to over 176,000 individual butterflies!

All records 2005-2009
All records 2005-2009

As you can see, coverage is still far from complete. Under-recorded 10km grid squares include: NR58 & NR59 (on Jura), NR69, NR37, NR56, NS82, NT05, NT10, NT20, NN13, NN35, NN61, NN62, NX36, NY28, NY39, NY48 and NY49. Can you help fill the gaps?

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